How to be nonsmoker?




Come diventare non fumatore!

No answer.
All quiet.
"Let me wonder where the boy is again! Tom!"

Do they want you to feel the same way?†Someone's trying to reach you, but you're not even here anymore! Just because you have to give up their lives for smoking? A lot of people die as a result of smoking.†

Stop smoking now, please!

"In Germany, about 121,000 people die every year as a result of smoking. Among them, men are significantly more frequent than women. This is the result of the 2015 Tobacco Atlas published by the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ). It can also be seen that much more people smoke in northern Germany than in the south.

People who smoke die sooner. This saves the economy money, researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology wrote in early September. They came to the conclusion that smokers relieve society financially. The DKFZ contradicts this. "Smoking damages not only the health of the population but also the economy of Germany", PŲschke-Lager told WDR. "If we really add up the costs on the health side very comprehensively and then transfer them, the benefits of smoking for the national economy are in no way given.

Nevertheless, the figures would show a "pleasingly positive trend towards non-smoking", said the Federal Commissioner for Drugs. However, one in five men dies in Berlin because he smoked cigarettes. Tobacco can cause cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes and tuberculosis. When people die of the effects of smoking, they often die of cancer - 52 percent of men and 40 percent of women. "*2

It's no fun anymore, the blue veil, which transports tar, residues of burnt paper and various chemical additives into the smoker's lungs with every train, is harmful beyond the limits of the person responsible - point !

"A study from Heidelberg shows that people who do without alcohol and cigarettes, eat only a little red meat and sausage and take care of a normal weight live up to 17 years longer. This was calculated by scientists at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). Smoking costs the most time in life: men die on average nine, women seven years earlier. "***

"More than 10 cigarettes a day cost 9.4 years of life." *3


Their reasons can be different, for example: health problems, lack of money, cancer, sleep disorders, etc. It is not easy to stop smoking, I would like to give you some tips on how I did it. I don't want to. Even the smoke itself has become irritating and unpleasant for me. I did! I did! It took a lot of energy and nerves, but for over 20 years I was a non-smoker!

Why would you start over and fight alone? I arrived 20 years ago in the same way, and I am still a non-smoker! My advice will definitely help you! Now you're doing exactly what I did. It's very simple! You can do it with my help!

"Studies, smoking in old age: "After 70, you die 4 years before."

Cigarette shortens your life. In Italy alone, around 83,000 people die each year as a result of smoking. A study by a group of British researchers presented by the European Society of Cardiology shows that the life expectancy of smokers, even among the over-70s, is reduced by an average of 4 years. Scientists have studied the medical records of older men from 1997 to 2012 and found out how much longer the lives of patients who are "slaves of blondes" are at risk. According to Dr Jonathan Emberson of Oxford University and his colleague Robert Clarke of Manchester University, smoking deaths are twice as high as those that have never been used to.

Life expectancy. The study found that the life expectancy of 70-year-olds is 18 years for those who have never smoked regularly, 16 years for those who quit 70 years ago and 14 years for those who continue. "We were able to show that even older smokers are in an unhealthy condition - according to Emberson - that even six smokers are lucky and over 70 years old and have four years less life expectancy than their non-smokers. Smetter is suitable for all ages arteries of the "penitent" damaged. Another study, just presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress and coordinated by Weill Cornell Medical College, recalls how protracted the effect of tobacco is. The study shows that the number of heart attacks decreases, but the arteries of "penance" remain damaged. The study was conducted on more than 13,000 patients in nine countries in Europe, North America and Asia "*5

Risk factors. Every year in Italy there are about 83 thousand smoking related deaths. Cigarettes are among the major risk factors in the development of neoplastic, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. They are considered responsible for about 30% of all cancer deaths. In an attempt to break the habit, many consumers try to switch to electronic cigarettes. But even here studies and analyses do not reassure.

Lifebuoy: "Arsenic and heavy metals in e-cigs". In June, the Salvagente reported an excessive presence of arsenic and other heavy metals in the refills of electronic cigarettes on sale in Italy and, a few days ago, it was France that talked about potentially carcinogenic substances. The weekly consumer magazine is now publishing a test on 30 liquids per e-cig in its issue tomorrow. An analysis, commissioned by Salvagente from the University Federico II of Naples, revealed the presence of lead, arsenic, chromium and other heavy metals when brought to the laboratory.†In two cases (Puffit and DKS), for example, chromium concentrations higher than the sample average emerge and in another the same occurs for copper in one case (Genesis).

"Toxic action". The weekly explains that "the consequences for those who inhale these metals are undefined: natural contaminants or anthropogenic, which above certain concentrations exert a toxic action on health, especially as a result of accumulation, and are considered the cause of various chronic-degenerative diseases". Salvagente recalls that "for lead the 30 products always go beyond the threshold set for water and in 12 cases also exceed the average concentration in the blood of Italians. For arsenic, on the other hand, both limits are set at 20".

"Nicotine must be considered a medicine.

Nicotine is a drug, it is a ‚reinforcing‚ drug, which means that smokers want it regardless of the side effects. It causes chemical and biological changes in the brain. We are talking about a psychoactive effect. It is responsible for an addiction to nicotine, which is primarily an important considered physical addiction. The symptoms of abstinence are severe and most smokers do not stop smoking the first time they do so because of the strength of their addiction. *5

The human body gets used to nicotine and the effect of nicotine decreases over time. Heavy smokers can inhale large amounts of smoke, more and more toxins without having negative effects. Over time, the body gets used to nicotine and, as a result, smokers smoke more. Cigarette smoke, acidic, is absorbed by the lungs. The smoke from the tube and cigar is alkaline and nicotine is absorbed through the mouth.

The lungs absorb nicotine very effectively, which then moves into the bloodstream, brain and other organs of the body. Nicotine reaches the brain only 10 seconds after inhalation, with many physiological reactions: Acute increase in heart rate and blood pressure Constriction of blood vessels and lowering of body temperature at the extremities, hands and feet Muscle relaxation. *4



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