That's how I quit smoking

If you want to really stop with smoking, you are to make yourselves first completely clear that you want to stop in any case. Their reasons for it can be differently, e.g.: Health trouble, shortage of money, cancer, sleep disturbances and s. w.. They should leave themselves also time at this thought firmly to hold, but however not too long - otherwise it misses.

I have 16 years long smoked (per day 1 packing "Marlboro") and small heart and lung complaint had. The physician had not expressly forbidden to me stopping but recommended with smoking. It was at the beginning of of April 1997. I smoked still and with each smoked cigarette thought that I should not do the no more, but the accustomingnesses and the demand for relaxation were too strong. Smoking represented a ceremony for me, e.g. - ignite, inhale, ease. And that should be allotted to einmall? - it was difficult. But I created it!

I committed myself that it should be on 1 May (thus in 3 weeks). Each day has I the time calculates for me as a smoker still remained ever firmer and my decision became. You need to develop this time around combat readiness against itself. It is clearly - its body got accustomed already for a long time to nicotine, - without fight it a smoking will not give up! But it remains for the time being still unclear, who the winner will be.

And the day came - you smoke not up to the evening and go without a cigarette smoking to sleep. And on the following day they make that exactly the same. Some can create it, others not completely, but it is not bad. I ignited a cigarette on the second day and smoked, however 1/3 of it with the feeling of a criminal. On the third day I smoked 2 to 3 cigarettes. The fourth day ran exactly the same. I really fought with me that I do not away-smoke again the whole packing "Marlboro"! At the 5-te May 1997 I created it, - a whole day without cigarette.

DON'T BE AFRAID THAT YOU WON'T MAKE IT -- BE AFRAID THAT YOU WON'T TRY AGAIN AND AGAIN!! " They should never give up and think about themselves that they can't - they can !!! Try it again and again!!! With me it was already so far on the 5th day, with you perhaps already on the 1st day or the 2nd, or on the 23rd day! It's just up to you-- DO NOT give up! - You can do it!!!


Back too my history, - until 11 May I did not smoke a whole week, then I had again in the evening after end of workday and at home again desire on a cigarette. Secretly, in the cellar I have to smoke begun always in the evening a quarter from a cigarette to, only - the nothing more. I waived and smoked the smoked cigarette in the evening for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. An old cigarette stinks and must strengthen the Egel a smoking. Then I bought still another packing "Marlboro", rausgenohmen a cigarette and including all cigarettes rausgenommen and with the hands cut up and in the Klo away-rinsed. The waived cigarette I smoked in 3 days and then again stopped. I got also the nicotine plaster in the pharmacy and to me glued on, but it is well been only one dose nicotine to wars on another way thus, plasters away - again there the need to smoking is.


3 months later at the vacation in Italy I bought now my last packing "Marlboro" and smoked 2 cigarettes correct. Then became schwindelich and bad me. That were my last cigarettes! Since I do not smoke no more. And my last packing "Marlboro" lies already since 8years in the car as memories to the times where
I so stupidly was to be smoked!

Thus is the End of the smoker history!

I have not smoked since, honest!

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